What We Do

Brain Safe Louisiana provides the following:

MRI Assessment

An MRI assessment of brain health collected as part of annual physical exam.

Post-injury Analyses

If an injury occurs during routine sports play, the participant in the Brain Safe program received up to three additional MRI scans to assess for differences between the baseline MRI and the injury MRI. A detailed within-subject comparison of baseline scan with follow-up scan after a concussion to aid in return-to-play, work or classroom decisions.

Supplement to Standard

A supplement to the standard medical procedures for concussion assessment: it does not alter or replace the standard medical procedures.

Non-Invasive Protocol

A non-invasive concussion protocol for student athletes using a variety of MRI tools and unique computer algorithms to detect changes in the brain that may not be identified by standard testing.

Optional Research

Brain Safe also allows for an optional research component depending on patient approval.


When is it safe to return to play after a brain injury?

  • Most decisions about returning to play are ‘rule of thumb’ guidelines or based on more obvious physical or mental symptoms.
  • Brain Safe compares cognitive performance and brain imaging data (prior to the brain injury) to post-concussive performance and brain data.
  • Brain imaging and cognitive performance data can be compared across seasons of play if your Brain Safe subscription is renewed for another year.
  • Every year your child participates in Brain Safe allows you to watch your child’s brain and cognitive skills grow as they develop.

Longitudinal Scanning is the Key Understanding Concussions

Baseline Scan

Initial baseline, noninvasive MRI scan that includes examination of brain structure, connectivity, and function. This procedure provides a brain health checkup that can be used by doctors to help ensure patient welfare.

Post-Injury Scan

Individuals who suffer a concussion will be given a post-injury MRI scan and follow-up scans as necessary. Our proprietary algorithms assess for any brain change from the individual's baseline scan following concussion.

Annual Scans

Annual MRI scans are completed on all individuals and compared to the baseline scans to assess any brain changes.