What to Expect

Brain Safe Louisiana offers a subscription agreement between You and Mind Research Network (MRN) to provide:

Step 1

Review the information on the Brain Safe Louisiana website and discuss with your family or doctor if this program seems appropriate for you and/or your child.

Step 2

Select the Patient Portal link in the main menu to register and fill out the appropriate information.

Step 3

Enter Registration data and select send. Someone from Doctors Imaging will contact you to ask you some follow up questions to ensure you are safe to go into the MRI scanner.

Step 4

Once approved, proceed through Brain Safe Louisiana website to sign HIPAA form, and review payment options. Someone with Doctors Imaging will contact you to schedule an appointment time that fits into your schedule.

Step 5

Arrive at Doctors Imaging, 4204 Teuton St., Metairie, LA 70006 at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.


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What if my child gets injured (i.e., concussion)?

  • If anyone (parent, coach, child, etc) suspects there has been a concussion, please see a doctor to ensure any acute medical care is taken care of. Brain Safe does not provide emergency services, so any injured participant should first seek acute medical care (i.e., urgent care and/or emergency room visit).  After your acute care has been completed, call the Brain Safe team in your area and schedule your appointment (usually within 48 hours following a concussion).    

  • Your Brain Safe subscription includes up to three follow up scans following a traumatic brain injury and we will assist both you and your physician with the decision on the appropriate timing to return-to-play.

  • Additional questions can be found in the FAQs section of this site.