The annual subscription fee includes a baseline MRI scan of the participant.  If a participant suffers a concussive event, the subscription will include three follow up MRI scans that will be compared to the baseline scan.  We will analyze change in brain structure and function from the athlete’s baseline scan following concussion. This information serves as an indicator of recovery and can be used in consultation with the participant’s healthcare provider in return to play, school, or work decisions. If an athlete suffers a TBI or concussion while in the program, we will provide up to 3 follow up MRI scans to evaluate the condition of the participant in consultation with his or her medical professional. If the participant is not injured during the subscription year, the participant can renew his or her subscription for the following year and a new baseline MRI scan will be collected.  This subsequent MRI scan can be compared to the original baseline to determine the impact of sports or other high-risk activities on the brain over the past year.  It also serves as a yearly measure of brain and cognitive development of your child over time. Follow up scans not used (because the participant was not injured) cannot be rolled over.


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Annual Subscription